Thursday, December 4, 2008


Diplomat whisky... He's joining the UN... Did Gaikwad call? Hahaha Saala!! Ki korchish bara?? Kambal maaro... Chaati aali!! Its phenomenal!! Beautiful!! Beautiful!!

Words define amusement, hate and the eventual state of being... Likewise, the words above churns the din which I hear... Get a load of these and you shall pass...

Likewise, per se...

Kaaa - Punked!!!

The Shiver of Winter

Memories Cry
As they pass by
Contemplating their end

The willow creeks by
As its children die
Elderly lament beckoning

Scenes of joy now fade away
As the world turns grey
All of them now hate to say
The paled out leaves fly all in vain
Its the curse of Winter
Its inflicting pain

Seasons of Hate
Killing the white and spawning the dark
It never seems to end at all
The hopes and dreams inevitably fall
The curse of Winter striketh

Dreadful woe
Pitiless souls
Blasphemic creation of the Black Hole
Faith wrenched out through its gut
Sin and Sin fill this wretched mess

Seasons of Hate
Killing the white and spawning the dark
It never seems to end at all
The hopes and dreams inevitably fall
The curse of Winter striketh

A Silver Line
Shows its kind
Healing the World and the Man

A Candle of Love
Shining in the end
Which we would carry back to the Beginning

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Camel Toes

Store water and use them... My better half says that all the time... Water is just a misnomer... You get my point...

Today we rode. We rode round and round till we reach the red glowsign... P(arag)orn was where we went... The Hideous one, the diplomat, my other half, my yet other half, the orgasm and the sticker... Squids and fishes did we devour under temptation... And we rode... We rode round and round and then we came...

I love irritating you... It brings out my erection so nicely that i feel like applying hot meddlerose lotion in front of it... Love irritating you, dear luck... You fuckin bastard... You let me down and down and down and when i feel i'm dead, you save me... Sure do i realize you are friggin playin with my life... Uriah Heep thingy this has become... Fishy hands which smell and slip when i hold on to you... Then you let go and i fall... Then you become doctor rubberhandle and lift me up just before i hit ground zero... Pathetic this is! Shaeeehh!!

Yeah you can wear those tracks my dear... All up till your necktard... No no don't meet these fuckers... They are all bung gungs... You wear that right up till your neck... Damn... I need water... Storage theory... Respect ye Brethren, you slimy piece of cock a poo...

Monday, November 10, 2008


Gather... To see the world through my eyes
Remember... That we are born to live it right
Forever... We don't know it calls to discover
And Ever... Make it by for one another

Nepotism, Retribute,
Overconfidential truth,
People's nation, where i tread low
For every reason I foresee and go

No one's helping, no one's there...
I see no answer, i burn in hell,
No one's listening to my street show
Do i kill them, or do i let go?

Is what we call
The heaven's answer for this ever stancer
And everything with eyes above

Is what we call
Forever and ever, Forever and ever
Forever and ever till we bite the dust

Sshhh and don't you shout
You holler and they come out
Darkness and all things deep
Gonna suck you in, you never had a chance, when you get in

Knowledge gaining, Shower of might,
Legacy maintaining, up and tight
Freedom of money, Genetlemanliness
Wretched life is all a mess

Why do we have to go on and on?
When spirits of ours are about to dawn
Why do we listen to you and him?
Well you can go die in your favouritism

Is what we call
Realize and action everyday and a fraction
And all the reasons which we carried on

Is what we call
Delivering it bloody right on the face
Standin up and tall and a call for embrace

Is what we call
The heaven's answer for this ever stancer
And everything with eyes above

Is what we call
Forever and ever, Forever and ever
Forever and ever till we bite the dust

Finally we come to an end
Are all our answers dealt with my man?
I see the sunshine I killed the rain
I finally feel I'm void of vain

The Great damn Maladies of Life

They say to digress out of your friggin career is a sin beyond the levels of adultery... I totally agree with that. I'd love to write a book on how the woe worms wrap around your nose all the bloody time and give you nightmares after nightmares... Perhaps i will...

Life is what in the Indian Cultural retrospect? Two balls make you somethin like a black hole... Somethin that always can suck in whatsoever comes in front of it... Knowledge, Fame, Responsibility... A good life they say? A wife, kids, cars, a huge whore of a house, a flamin job which lets you do the right thing and benefit and benefit... And then you die? Is that what we all want? Is that the culture we all follow?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the great Indian society, here is what i present to you a stream of spoilers which I believe you believe...

Benefit is what we all call the right thing to do - benefit yourself, benefit you wife, your kids, your parents, your whole society, your dog... I mean, why do we do all that? What exactly would I get if i benefit you? Cared to even think of that? Guess what, I got the same ol brain, the same ol heart and the same ol want for more which you all got... Parents... Right... They love us... Very much... Groom us, teach us, grow us up... They tell us to be a man - to do everything for the greater good for the greater people (Fuck Ethics)... To earn money, to get fame, name and a beautiful girl - same caste, same creed, same color, get kids, who grow up to earn even more money than we do... Is that what they want? Yes!! They send us to School where some knuckleheads come and teach us Science which is for the benefit of mankind... Now wait just a minute, I'm so not criticizing the use of a school or an institution... I mean Man has eaten the forbidden fruit, so there HAS to be a craving for knowledge and that's the way of the Devil... Allright, School gives us informative stuff we can benefit from... We go our ways... But certain points in life we meet these lovely moments, these lovely things which our heart melts and moulds itself into the same shape as it is... Love, Music, Creativity, Nature... All of that... These things matter to us eventually and we gather around our memories ramming our heads where do we actually fit them in?

With all the bloody competition to survive, and to get bigger, we ignore these heart melting gems and try being a black hole per se... What we really want is for us to be happy... Wouldn't we be happy doing things for our hearts? Benefit our heart for one damn minute? Aren't we digressing NOW? I mean, career is essential no doubt, but why do we ignore certain things just because others dont care? Others can go F themselves for a minute, you can stop F'ing yourself for once and get to the thing you like doing the most... But then we are all bloody mechanically quasi-functional... Can't we just get out for ONE nipple of a minute of that Fibonacci Series we all fall into? 1:2:3:5:8:13... Can't we be the second purest thing after God for just one damn minute? Can't we stop being Bots for heaven's sake?

I'm not too good in practicing what I preach, but I let my stream of consciousness flow once in a while, and so I did just now!! Even i'm into this retarded existence...

Damn! This is Some fucked up shit...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Losing You

This is about the time when the heart wrenches itself to its tiniest of form, when the shrieks and tears fall on us like Lava falling on wet snow... It is all fizzy and hazy. The lights never seem bright enough, neither the wind seems cool enough to blow away the sweat on your brow. Its when you lament the demise of a dear one, when you realize that Life is just a moment in itself, which comes and goes and never lets you get where you actually want to be.

Its painful. Very heavy on you and you feel suffocated and yet shiver over the heat. You see the people around you deeply mourning over something. That something used to be someone. But then again, it is Life which mystifies and hurts you eventually. Then why the mystification? The void of loneliness grasps you right by your throat and you really despise your very existence.

Then you try to remember the days, the moments and the good times YOU had with that somebody. Its all hazy and unclear, but what the hell, it still is embedded in your brain like a carving. Should man face such pain and relentlessness. Yes, but only for a while.

Finished things can be done two ways, good or not good. If its good, then there is a space of not being able to do it again, but yet there is achievement in it. However, if it is not done well enough, you tend to argue with your sense of satisfaction and try to differ with it. Real life is somewhat similar to it. Try thinking on these lines - People lose, people die. But when they do, it creates a void which needs to be filled... Someone needs to stand up and take a challenge right on his chest and then fight against it. That is what it should look like. Man is born for a purpose, and that is not what we all perceive. It is not who we are, but what we do. Sinning is an everyday chore, so that cannot be avoided. But that can be made up by fulfillment and achievement in things which not only you want, but also the somebody who is no more anted more than ever. You know what I am talking about. So do it. Do the right thing. Don't cry over spilled milk or someone you lost. Its a sin in itself. Do and do till you believe you have made someone proud enough to rest in peace. That is when you take a deep breath and declare yourself a man. A well-deserved man.

So the gist is, do the things which someone always wanted you to do, be the man and attain the freedom which you and that somebody deserves a lot.

Friday, October 24, 2008

For the Greater Good of the Greater People

Suddenly when I landed back here, there was this wharf of a thing blowing in... We call it our Summers... Negotiably, this was a good thing... The want to want and the desire to grasp on and on were some of its key attributes. I embraced the idea. But suddenly its abandoning me in and out...

This is why I have decided to let the greater good of the greater people prevail over my selfish lusty wants... Sometimes I think I shouldn't give any reason or thought on my apparent self-declaration as the King of this World... But see what I have turned into? A Monster I am... A reckless soulless being... Who doesn't post as much as he used to... My wants have surpassed my emotional stability... I have turned... This needs to be put at an end... I have come home to the Almighty... Hoping he will show me the way... The way towards getting a job eventually (See? There it comes again!)... But I can't help it... No matter what ethics we dive into, or what cultures we boast about... Its the beast that gets us all the time... Greed, Felony, Lust, Temptation... Its ALL in us... Its just that some people become lucky (I have NO CLUE why) and some people like me are currently not... Its a tragic state of being, and it hurts real bad...

Cornered by the fate, Do I have it in me to Rise again?
Or am I just a throwaway Leaflet?
Blowing where the wind blows, and finally crumbling to pieces...
Give it a thought, guys... Give it a thought

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Emo's of Frustration

When the gale blows clean the tremors and the cramps, its the time for relaxation and sleepifcation... Its time you go home. Strange but true, we all crave, or even die to reach this stage. Duties and duties apart do we grab this sonofagun stage right by its neck. But the irony of life is - Happiness is friggin tough to come by, even if its served on a platter all for you... Let me elaborate...

Post all the duties, a soldier or a wannabe (pun intended) would want to throw away all his arms and ammo and make his way home or wherever... This is the time he has been waiting for... The smell of his Dogs, the Red Carpet-like welcome, the velvet couch and the slurpiest Indian Curry, all waiting to be fornicated by his truly. First Glance it looks Wowiee (in the words of the famous Borat Sagdiyev), then it feels warm... But the last phase is the most Frustrating of em all... When the damn boredom creeps into everything you do... The man realizes his perseverance was all for Zilch... Lack of Privacy, lack of Bung Bung and Commitments, all ooze on him like jelly beans rotten and wormed. This is the Height.

Finally the man comes back to his Dutydrome and farts and farts...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

On Ganesha... Stereotypical, but not Actually...

I heard from my parents that Ganesha was once asked to Circle round te earth as fast as He could... In return, He apparently circled round His Parents... On being asked why, He Replied: "Parents mean the world for me... So its all the same"

Now the reason why this post is written is because of some sudden realization I had experienced just about now... 5:30 in the morning... Parents are the Only ones that matter eventually... No matter what... Maybe this might sound funny for the Western lot, but they don't know what they are missing upon... Parents mean the world... They are the reason why we exist, and they Cherish our successes much much more than what we ourselves do, and grief much much more than what we do in circumstances that involve us... Atleast in my case its true...

For my Mother, its like a kiddo relationship... I'm always a kid in front of her... No matter how old I become, i'm always the small boy running around and eating up anything that smells good :P So she obviously knows me more than I know myself, hence the reason why she's half the world to me...

The other half is a little complicated, yet the best bit of it... My Dad... Some truly quote that For whatever success one obtains, he feels happy... But there's someone who feels 100 times more than the individual... His Father... Dad feels like the biggest King in this whole world when I achieve success... And so will we once we get children... Hence Proved Ganesha's Point...

Cherish this Relationship... Wives are an integral part of your responsibility and Girlfriends are just in your Heart... But when it comes to the Superlative and things which matter the Most... Parents Rule...

Fly I shall... But taking them on my shoulders I will...


I'm not discussing about life here... Real Bitches, as they say...

I Bitch. I bitch about a lot of things... Which is none of your business... But the matter-of-fact is there is ONE damn bitch who's kinda suggested negative waves upon my brain... Lot of people do... But this bitch did it and it kinda went in me deep inside my tummy... And i can't even think of letting it go...

Strange thing, I kinda like this Bitch too... People gather around and bitch about bitches they hate... I do hate this Bitch, but still i kinda have a friendly want to kick this Bitch's Arse... Eventually I did, but on a friendly note... And since i did it happily, twas a nice experience! But this bitch would remain a pal I think... And this Bitch needs to be a part of my blog...

Here's to you, Bitch... Live your dream... In your greyish faded underwear... Chuth!! :P

Friday, September 12, 2008

Phases of Sinners and Eventual Glory

Part I: I Sin

The day breaking with the sound of falling dew...

The night fading out of sight and view...

As I contemplate my sins and fate...

What I felt had come awake...

Scenes changing through my eyes and sight...

This Love is bleeding all throughout the night...

The dawn that carries memories of you...

Never fades the shadows never takes me through...

I believed that the Sun would shine...

And provide me with all the Light...

I believed that the Daylight comin

Is all I ever needed... To Repent...

But it never happened... It never happened

Crimson lights cover the fading skies...

As i get ready to say my last goodbye...

Never did I mention it to you...

That the words I said was never true...

How can I be so cruel?

This soul so wretched I have...

Tis a dark one...

Memories flood me in and out...

Creating waves of lava as i shout...

My whole body burns in torment...

The pain i feel exceeding the deepest regrets...

But yet I do not lament...

As I know i am the one who deserves... Who suffers...

Oh world I hereby bid...

My last and untimely farewell...

Creating a void nobody would know...

Let alone the love I did let go...

I have sinned I have sinned...

Burning is my end...

And so is how I Repent...

The day breaking with the sound of falling dew...

The night fading out of sight and view...

Getting Blurry, blurry, blurry...

Fading, Fading and fading away...

The night sleeps...

And I turn formless... Goodbye!

Part II: I Repent

All the years of sins running through my head...

The questions that were never meant...

The ornaments of my life I thought adorned me...

Now Reveals shame and deep lament...

Overwhelming sorrow absorbs me...

As I begin to trace my darkest past...

Signs throughout my life...

That have warned me...

Of all the wrongs I've done...

I had Ignored...

I fold my formless hands...

Hoping that this step will help restore me...

I face my past and ask for forgiveness...

And clean up my dirty deeds...

I'm here to confess to you that what I did, was wrong... And I'm asking for your forgiveness...

I’m as sick as my secrets...

But will the truth set me free?

I Regret, Oh Lord, I really do...

The Sins that I have done, and I might have...

I am wrong, and I have learned the hard way...

But just when I’m through hanging on...

The Light!

I see light and my love...

I feel... I breathe...

I’m saved...

Thank you...


As I reel off my bed...

I am asked “How do you feel?”

I say –


Look what I found in Wikipedia!!

Tanshuman-ism (sometimes symbolized by >H or H+), a term often used as a synonym for "human enhancement", is an international, intellectual and cultural movement supporting the use of science and technology to enhance human mental and physical abilities and aptitudes, and overcome what it regards as undesirable and unnecessary aspects of the human condition, such as disability, suffering, disease, aging, and involuntary death.

Tanshuman-ism has been described by one outspoken opponent as the world's most dangerous idea, while a proponent counters that it is the "movement that epitomizes the most daring, courageous, imaginative, and idealistic aspirations of humanity".

Tanshuman-ism is a class of philosophies that seek to guide us towards a superhuman condition. Tanshuman-ism shares many elements of humanism, including a respect for reason and science, a commitment to progress, and a valuing of human (or tanshuman) existence in this life. Tanshuman-ism differs from humanism in recognizing and anticipating the radical alterations in the nature and possibilities of our lives resulting from various sciences and technologies.

Its basic Aspects -

1. The intellectual and cultural movement that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally improving the human condition through applied reason, especially by developing and making widely available technologies to eliminate aging and to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.
2. The study of the ramifications, promises, and potential dangers of technologies that will enable us to overcome fundamental human limitations, and the related study of the ethical matters involved in developing and using such technologies.

Some secular humanists conceive tanshuman-ism as an offspring of the humanist freethought movement and argue that tanshuman-ists differ from the humanist mainstream by having a specific focus on technological approaches to resolving human concerns and on the issue of mortality. However, other progressives have argued that superhumanism, whether it be its philosophical or activist forms, amount to a shift away from concerns about social justice, from the reform of human institutions and from other Enlightenment preoccupations, toward narcissistic longings for a transcendence of the human body in quest of more exquisite ways of being. In this view, tanshuman-ism is abandoning the goals of humanism, the Enlightenment, and progressive politics.

While many tanshuman-ist theorists and advocates seek to apply reason, science and technology for the purposes of reducing poverty, disease, disability, and malnutrition around the globe, tanshuman-ism is distinctive in its particular focus on the applications of technologies to the improvement of human bodies at the individual level. Many tanshuman-ists actively assess the potential for future technologies and innovative social systems to improve the quality of all life, while seeking to make the material reality of the human condition fulfill the promise of legal and political equality by eliminating congenital mental and physical barriers.

Tanshuman-ist philosophers argue that there not only exists a perfectionist ethical imperative for humans to strive for progress and improvement of the human condition but that it is possible and desirable for humanity to enter a tanshuman phase of existence, in which humans are in control of their own evolution. In such a phase, natural evolution would be replaced with deliberate change.

Tanshuman-ists support the emergence and convergence of technologies such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science, and hypothetical future technologies such as simulated reality, artificial intelligence, superintelligence, mind uploading, and cryonics. They believe that humans can and should use these technologies to become more than human. They therefore support the recognition and/or protection of cognitive liberty, morphological freedom, and procreative liberty as civil liberties, so as to guarantee individuals the choice of using human enhancement technologies on themselves and their children. Some speculate that human enhancement techniques and other emerging technologies may facilitate more radical human enhancement by the midpoint of the 21st century.

In Short, Play God

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Change Of My Seasons

I. The Crimson Sunrise


II. Innocence

I remember a time
My frail, virgin mind
Watched the crimson sunrise
Imagined what life might find
Life was filled with wonder
I felt the warm wind blow
I must explore the boundaries
Transcend the depth of winter's snow

Innocence caressing me
I never felt so young before
There was so much life in me
Still I longed to search for more

But those days are gone now
Changed like a leaf on a tree
Blown away forever
Into the cool autumn breeze
The snow has now fallen
And my sun's not so bright
I struggle to hold on
With the last of my might

In my den of inequity
Viciousness and subtlety
Struggle to ease the pain
Struggle to find the same

Ignorance surrounding me
I've never been so filled with fear
All my life's been drained from me
The end is drawing near...

III. Carpe Diem

"Carpe diem
Seize the day"

I'll always remember
The chill of the Chamber
The news of the fall
The sounds in the hall
The clock on the wall
Ticking away
"Seize the Day"
I heard him say
Life will not always be this way
Look around
Hear the sounds
Cherish your life
While you're still around

"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying"

I can learn
From the past
But those days
Are gone
I can hope
For the future
But there might not be one for me

The words stuck in my mind
Alive from what I've learned
I have to seize the day
To Home I returned

Preparing for her flight
I held with all my might
Fearing my deepest fright
She walked into the night
She turned for one last look
She looked me in the eye
I said, "I Love You... So...

IV. The Darkest Of Winters

Perish, Anguish, Forsaken

V. Another World

So far or so it seems
All is lost
With nothing fulfilled
Off the pages and the
Movie screen
Another world
Where nothing's true

Tripping through
The life fantastic
Lose a step
And never get up
Left alone
With a cold blank stare
I feel like giving up

I was blinded by a paradise
Utopia high in the sky
A dream that only drowned me
Deep in sorrow, wondering why

"Oh come let us adore him
Abuse and then ignore him
No matter what
Don't let him be
Let's feed upon his misery
Then string him up for all the world to see"

I'm sick of all
You hypocrites!
Holding me at bay!
And I don't need
Your sympathy!
To get me through the day!

Seasons change, and so can I,
Hold on Boy
No time to cry,
Untie these strings
I'm climbing down
I won't let them push me away...

"Oh come let us adore him
Abuse and then ignore him
No matter what
Don't let him be
Let's feed upon
His misery"
Now it's time for them
To deal with ME

VI. The Inevitable Summer

Scorching Vengeance, Retribution, Emptiness

VII. The Crimson Sunset

I'm much wiser now
A lifetime of memories
Run though my head
They taught me how
For better or worse
Alive or dead
I realize
There's no turning back
Life goes on
The offbeaten track...

I sit down with my son
Set to see the Crimson Sunset
(Gather ye rosebuds while ye may)
Many years have come and gone
I've lived my life, but now I must move on
(Gather ye rosebuds while ye may)
He is my only one
Now that my time has come
Now that my life is done
We look into the sun
"Seize the day
And don't you cry
Now it's time
To say good-bye
Even though
I'll be gone
I will live on
Live on"

- Life in Words

To "Achieve"

The key towards a blessed existence lies in Achievement. Depending on what one wishes or aspires, Achievement is defined. Since this is my own frigging Blog, I define my Achievement with a phrase which few would oppose:


It sounds very Egoistic, but that is me for you, Served on this platter. I am a part of a very Reputed B School here in India, and this School demands its tots to study hard, for its Exams. Being a tot now, I am totting as a tottal tturd. I hate these forced paradigm shifts which come up. Why can't life be one sweet poem which I write and which I live in?

Coming back to my Achievement Clause, these exams are a part of it. Sigh! Getting grades and impressing some wise men are my only duties to be done. The Lure? Money, sweet Ums, its money. Life ain't a bitch if you have some hard crisp cash under your hat. I don't disagree.

I'm also a frantic bassist. Left my band temporarily for greener pastures, only to realize its all VADA here. (The interesting term VADA is very simple to understand: Take some ghetto dwellers, some rich bastards and some nowhere-to-go people... Line them up beside a wall over some sand, and order them to Crap as much as each guy can... The leftovers are hence called VADA (Thanks to Matthew Sir, our great Social Transformist). Uniquely, this Crap and Sand makes the mix dry, thus you don't squish on it if you step on it, but it sticks to your Floaters till Eternity). But as long as the money is in this, my folks and my partner threw me into all of this. Now i am a tot, for heaven's sake, and studying, to Achieve. Where is that groove i played? Where is the part where i play my solo? Where are those scales?

Life's a bitch, even with money... But then again, I'm a flea...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Realization for the Realized

Procrastination was never the term I would have imbibed in me... But He did... And here I am... All unmanageably overdimensioned and utterly lazy... They say Realization leads to Salvation... If Salvation means I get what I dream, here I try to get what i should...

I need a Smoke...

And it Begins...

Billions of years ago, the Anti-Matter held this one up high and swerved it, with His complete Might and Awe... Life came into being...

With this life, man seeks what he never knows and will never achieve, leaving a few fortunate souls... Yet the thorns prick the feet and the gale blows the teardrops... Beckoning is now...

I... will write...