Monday, October 27, 2008

Losing You

This is about the time when the heart wrenches itself to its tiniest of form, when the shrieks and tears fall on us like Lava falling on wet snow... It is all fizzy and hazy. The lights never seem bright enough, neither the wind seems cool enough to blow away the sweat on your brow. Its when you lament the demise of a dear one, when you realize that Life is just a moment in itself, which comes and goes and never lets you get where you actually want to be.

Its painful. Very heavy on you and you feel suffocated and yet shiver over the heat. You see the people around you deeply mourning over something. That something used to be someone. But then again, it is Life which mystifies and hurts you eventually. Then why the mystification? The void of loneliness grasps you right by your throat and you really despise your very existence.

Then you try to remember the days, the moments and the good times YOU had with that somebody. Its all hazy and unclear, but what the hell, it still is embedded in your brain like a carving. Should man face such pain and relentlessness. Yes, but only for a while.

Finished things can be done two ways, good or not good. If its good, then there is a space of not being able to do it again, but yet there is achievement in it. However, if it is not done well enough, you tend to argue with your sense of satisfaction and try to differ with it. Real life is somewhat similar to it. Try thinking on these lines - People lose, people die. But when they do, it creates a void which needs to be filled... Someone needs to stand up and take a challenge right on his chest and then fight against it. That is what it should look like. Man is born for a purpose, and that is not what we all perceive. It is not who we are, but what we do. Sinning is an everyday chore, so that cannot be avoided. But that can be made up by fulfillment and achievement in things which not only you want, but also the somebody who is no more anted more than ever. You know what I am talking about. So do it. Do the right thing. Don't cry over spilled milk or someone you lost. Its a sin in itself. Do and do till you believe you have made someone proud enough to rest in peace. That is when you take a deep breath and declare yourself a man. A well-deserved man.

So the gist is, do the things which someone always wanted you to do, be the man and attain the freedom which you and that somebody deserves a lot.

Friday, October 24, 2008

For the Greater Good of the Greater People

Suddenly when I landed back here, there was this wharf of a thing blowing in... We call it our Summers... Negotiably, this was a good thing... The want to want and the desire to grasp on and on were some of its key attributes. I embraced the idea. But suddenly its abandoning me in and out...

This is why I have decided to let the greater good of the greater people prevail over my selfish lusty wants... Sometimes I think I shouldn't give any reason or thought on my apparent self-declaration as the King of this World... But see what I have turned into? A Monster I am... A reckless soulless being... Who doesn't post as much as he used to... My wants have surpassed my emotional stability... I have turned... This needs to be put at an end... I have come home to the Almighty... Hoping he will show me the way... The way towards getting a job eventually (See? There it comes again!)... But I can't help it... No matter what ethics we dive into, or what cultures we boast about... Its the beast that gets us all the time... Greed, Felony, Lust, Temptation... Its ALL in us... Its just that some people become lucky (I have NO CLUE why) and some people like me are currently not... Its a tragic state of being, and it hurts real bad...

Cornered by the fate, Do I have it in me to Rise again?
Or am I just a throwaway Leaflet?
Blowing where the wind blows, and finally crumbling to pieces...
Give it a thought, guys... Give it a thought