Monday, August 17, 2009

Conceiving You...

I've been wanting you for so long
You reach up my senses and make your form
These feelings make me repel away from you
Away from you...

I've been watching you
Not waiting, for the right moment to make the first move
Do you want to know
Why I keep avoiding your eyes?
And why I'm running away?
Its Crazy... I know

You make me realize my true color
The bleak form and the perishing conscience
And then off comes the wind
And blows me away from you...
Away from you...

Or maybe I am Destined to be Alone
Or maybe there is someone who will understand
That I'm not able to share my world
I'm still running away
Its Crazy... I know

I've been Conceiving You
For too Long
If only I could change the things around...